About Us

BigOHealth is a BHARAT-centric healthTech company founded by two software engineers Gaurav and Shubham in their third year of college with a vision to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible across primary, specialist and tertiary care to half a billion Indians that reside in rural areas.

We’re a team of engineers, doctors, dreamers, and do-ers redefining how healthcare is being accessed and consumed in rural India. We altogether want to improve healthcare facilities in rural India with the help of technology and our hyper-local distribution channels. Hence, We want to improve the livelihood and overall quality of life of the populace.

BigOHealth is incubated and supported by Nexus Incubator- U.S Embassy, New Delhi, Incubation Centre IIT Patna (IC IITP) & Vishlesan I-Hub Foundation, IIT Patna, and UnLtd India.

Our Vision

To become a one-stop shop for all the healthcare needs of BHARAT.

Our Mission

To deliver quality and affordable healthcare access to half a billion underserved Indian rural population across primary, specialist and tertiary care.

Meet The Team


Gaurav Kumar

Software Engineer

Co-Founder & CEO


Shubham Shreyas

Software Engineer

Co-Founder & CTO


Dr Abhishek Tiwari


Medical advisor


Arvind Jha

Senior VP, Newgen Software



Dr Alka Soni